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Sunday, January 2nd, 2005

Subject:Vegas & New Years
Time:3:23 pm.
Mood: tired.
Phew I just got back yesterday from a long journey across CAlifornia and Nevada. Threw deserts and highways and such...

I left from the good o'l San Fernando Valley on Wednesday, headed toward Las Vegas. It's a good 4/5 hour trip to get over there. When we got there it was about 4 o'clock. We were staying at the Excalibur, which is a great hotel. It's full of a lot of things to do and one of the best McDonalds that I've ever been to. All that we did was gamble, not me but my parents and my siblings. My two cousins and myself would just watch. We also went walking on "the Strip" and checked out the hotels and stores. Las Vegas is super cool at night, it's alive with people who are drunk and want to give you hugs. It was cold but you get used to it. That night I stayed up until 5 a.m. doing a bunch of nonesense that was super fun nonetheless. The next day we had to leave because we were heading to Stockton to spend the New Years with the family. From San Fernando to Stockton is 5 hours but from Vegas to Stockon is about 6 to 7 hours.

So the car rides were long but I found ways to keep myself entertained.

We got there on thursday night at about 10 p.m. So many people under one roof. It was six people then 6 more, then the 8 of us plus 5 more. So 25 people sleeping in one house. My cousin Rafa, my brother, my cousin Edgar and myself would sleep in one room. We had a lot of fun. We would plan little operations at night to bug everyone else. We would bang on the walls or start at pillow attack...it was fun. We stayed up until 6 a.m. just playing video games and planning our attacks. We left on staurday at about 2 p.m. and got here at about 6p.m.

I got home and I went straight to my dogs so they could know that I'm here. They always get so excited, especially when they don't see me for 4 days. A very long trip but it was worth the car rides from point A to point B to point C and back to point A...
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Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Time:11:40 pm.
Mood: happy.
Christmas was so much fun...here goes!

My family came to the house so that we could all be together. First we started playing some games. We play games so that we can win gifts. We did that until midnight, it was fun. My cousin Edgar, my cousin Paulina and myself were drinking. SO when midnight hit I was buzzzed. I won a puzzle, some liquor, and a roll of toilet paper. Then we did the gift exchange. I got my dad so I gave him a beer mug and wood that was shaped into two wooden hands praying. My cousin Edgar got me and he gave me a No Doubt CD holder thing with pins, I like it. Then at around 2 a.m. Edgar, Paulina, my sister, my brother and myself went into my brother's room toplay a drinking game. The one where you bounce the quarter into the cup so that you won't have to take a shot. Well I never made it in so I got a lot of shots into me, Bicardi Coco shots. By 4 a.m. we were all intoxicated so we started watching Dumb & Dumber and we all fell asleep in my brothers room. It was fun as heck...MERRY CHRISTMAS YA'LL
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Subject:Six Flags Magic Mountain
Time:11:29 pm.
Mood: content.
I went to Six Flags on thursday and deeeam it was fun. The lines where freakin short. It was my sister, my two cousins and myself. First we got on Revolution, you know to start things off. Then it was Viper, then Ridlers Revenge, then Batman, then Scream, then Colosus and then we ate lunch. After that we went on Superman, then Ninja. Then we started all over again, we wenton Viper, Ridlers Revenge, Batman, Scream, Goliath, Superman, Ninja, and we finished the day off with X. That freakin ride is crazy, I love it. It was funny though because I saw so many people that I knew that were working. I saw Ana working the pictures on Viper. Joanna, Monica, and like 3 other people working at that carnival area. Rafa was working Colosus, ( yeah Veronica Rafa). And like other people that I forget. It was funny. Yeeeeeaah! it was fun!
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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004

Time:8:13 pm.
Mood: depressed.
I feel sad right now. My brother is being a dick, again. It gets me mad because I try to be cool with him but I can't. He acts like an ass so I just decide to ignore him. Then later on he'll try to be cool with me so I forgive him and then next thing you know he acts like a dick. Critizising the way I dress, or how I spend my money, what I do, about everything. He doesn't quit, he's a fucking retard. I don't like to wish evil things on anyone because if whatever I wish actually comes true I know that I'd feel like shit knowing that I wished it. So I just hold it in and try to ignore it.

Then my cousin/uncle, Chalo, died a few days ago. He died on saturday due to a heart problem. He was only 21, so young. He died because hetook diet pills and they made one of his veins, in his heart, explode. He was goingto Mexico for Christmas and he didn't want to gain weight so he took them. That sort of ruins the whole holiday spirit. Especially because myonly grandfather died around Christmas. Actually Chalo died a day before my grandfather, not in the same year of course. And it also reminds me of my Aunt Adriana (my Godmother) who passed away on August 1st 2000, andmy cousin Danny (my closest male cousin) who passed away a day before her. I miss them a whole bunch. It just isn't the same without them.

Plus read my two comments, one was ok and the other was a bit crude, what do you expect...

P.S. Here comes my brother being an ass, I HATE HIM...
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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004

Time:3:40 pm.
Mood: happy.
I went to Disneyland on sunday, man it was fun...

We left the house at around 10. It was my mom, my sister, her boyfriend, and my two cousins. My goal was to get a picture with Chip & Dale, I love them. So we get inside and we head over to Tommorowland and we get on STAR TOURS. I always love getting on that ride. It's such a fun ride. Then after that we were going to get on Space Mountain but it's closed until next year. Then we headed over to Fantasyland. We got on Pinochio. It's funny because when I was little I got on that ride and when I saw the whale I cried my ass off. So I had to see the whale again, I even took a picture with it. Then we got on Snow White and then on Peter Pan. Then it was off to Mickey's Toontown. We got on Roger Rabbit but I didn't get to visit Chip & Dale's treehouse. I saw them but I didn't get my picture with them :( Then we went to Alice in Wonderland and then to that white mountain thingy. Indiana Jones was after that and then we saw the Christmas Parade and the fireworks. My mom wanted to get into the Small World ride so we got on. After that we headed to the shops, I bought something for someone and then we went home. It was fun...I was freakin tired though...the next day I woke up at 2 p.m.
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Subject:You Think You Know Your Friends
Time:3:06 pm.
Mood: indifferent.
Ok last saturday I had a unique experience...

I went to Camille's dinner thing. All my buddies were there...Oscar M, Eddy and his cousin, Evelyn, Camille, Veronica, Cynthia and a few more people. I went after church...and it was fun. Then after that we decided to go to a show. So Eddy and his cousin, Camille, Cynthia, Veronica and myself pilled into Oscar M's car. We met up with some people and we all headed over there. So we drive to the show and when we finally find it we end up being behind a cop car. Turns out that the show was getting raided so the show was over. I don't know why but we all went in to the show anyway. So theres some people there and stuff like that. "Monkey" was there and "Pix" was telling people to go inside the house. So Camille, Cynthia and Veronica go in leaving Oscar M and myself outside. So I try to go in to give Veronica her freakin things that she was making me carry for her, like always, and the freakin greasers give me shit. So I have to tell Cynthia to give Veronica her shit and Oscar and I leave. We waited in his car for 10 minutes until the police left and we realized that Veronica's back-pack was in Oscar's car. So I get her backpack and go back to give it to her. Oscar leaves and I walk back in to give her her shit. I have to call Camille so they can get to the front of the house. Then when I give them their stuff Camille says, "What are you going to do?" I guess I don't matter to any of them that they would leave me stranded in freakin Pac-Town, but whatever I don't want to get into that. So I'm outside that house, by myself and I call Camille so she can give me Oscar M's number so he could pick me up. I call him and he turns around and comes back to get me, he was nice enough to do it. So we leave and we go to this girls house because they were having some sort of get together thingy. At first I was a little unconfortable so I called Omar and we talked for a while. Then Eddy and his cousin got there. So we were talking, then I had a beer, and then another, then half a shot. So we were talking and just having fun. I took Eddy's hat and put it on, the Eddy wanted to "horse around", deeeam we were acting stupid. It was a blast. We all pitched in some money and got a little somethin somethin. Then we did a little somethin somethin and by the end of the night I was...but yeah I'll just leave it at that. We left and I got home at about 1 something a.m. So I went to bed.
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Wednesday, December 15th, 2004

Subject:Voodoo Glow Skulls At the Roxy
Time:6:31 pm.
Mood: sore.
Ok so yesterday was fun, blah blah blah...

I went to the store yesterday because I had to buy some Jello. I had to make it for the confermation potluck. I had to put it in the freezer because it had to be made in about 3 hours. I left for confermation and I got there in time to rest a bit. Before I arrived at the church hall I went to Ritmo Latino because I needed to buy my ticket for the show at The Roxy. Confermation was cool. My usual friends were there like Paola, Joanna, Lionel, Ariel, Nick, Psycho, etc. There was so may food there, it was unreal. I wish I was back there right now so I could eat it all. I had pizza, KFC chicken, potato wedges, mashed potatoes, brownies, cookies, cheesecake, chips and Jack in the Box tacos. It was all so goood. Deeeeeam it was goooooooooood!

Then at 8 p.m. Brenda picked me up from the confermation hall because we needed to go to the show at The Roxy. I grabbed a box, stuffed it with food and left. We then went to Ana's house so we could leave in her car. Then we picked up some guy named Leon and headed to Hollywood. We got to The Roxy just in time to see Big D and the Kids table. All my friends were there...Camille, Evelyn, Eddy, Veronica and Oscar M. Big D and the kids table was good. The next band to play was Go Betty Go. They were really good. The lead singer was cool, she was freakin hot, especially during this one song...deeeeam! Then after them were the Voodoo Glow Skulls. When they started playing we got so much energy and just started diggin it. It was fucking awesome, it was so much fun. Their songs were awesome, like always, and it was just so much fun. It got all musty and sweaty, like a Nelly video or something. I went into the pit and it was crazy. There were some guys that were sweating like crazy and didn't have their shirts on. It was discusting, I was slipping off of them. Then during another song I got elbowed in the forehead. It was nuts. It was fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was sweaty, tired from the pit, my ears were ringing and my voice was weak from all the yelling. Then after the show we went home. We dropped Leon off, then went to Ana's house to switch cars and then I got home. It was about 12:30
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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Subject:Triple Play
Time:12:11 pm.
Mood: sore.
What fun times i've had...

I took the ACT on saturday. It was ok. There was four sections...my favorite one was the third section, reading comprehension.

Then on sunday i had to wake up early because I had to be in the San Fernando City Christmas Parade. It was fun, we got to ride in a fire truck. When I say we I mean Camille, Oscar M, Oscar V, Evelyn and myself. We got to wave at the people and say hi. Then after that they had a mini carnival at the park. We got some free balls and we started tossing them at each other. Then we went to Ritmo Latino because Oscar M. had to buy his Voodoo Glow Skulls ticket, which I still need to buy. After that we went home and a hour later we I went to church with Camille.

Yesterday I had to go to the Youth Council potluck thingy. It was pretty fun. Oscard V and I got there early so we went to the playground and made a obstacle course out of it. Oscar got the fastest time. Then we went inside for the thingy and Evelyn and Camille were there. Then Ana got there with Eddy. We got our food and we were about to start eating when Yvonne gets there. So we told her to join us. We ate and then we did a couple of ice breaker games. Oscar M. got there a bit later. Then we had the white elephant gift exchange thing. I got a $10 gift card for the Gap. Then when we walked outside Oscar M, Oscar V, Eddy and myself when to the playground to do the obstacle course. Oscar M ended up beating Oscar V's record. Oh and the funniest thing happend, there was a wet slide and I slid down and got wet. Then when Oscar M slid down he flew off the slide and landed on his ass. It was so funny, I laughed my ass off. It was fun!
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Friday, December 10th, 2004

Time:5:06 pm.
Mood: good.
Today I went to the Swap Meet with Oscar V. We got in and there was a lot of stuff. They had video games and all sorts of stuff. I bought a really cool sword. It's a real sword, it's made out of iron I think and it has a cool design. It was only five bones! What a sale! I also bought this gift that I needed to get but I won't say what it is. And finally I bought The Sims : Deluxe Edition for my brother because it was his birthday on the 8th. We were mad at each other but I had to get him that because I knew that he would really like it, and he did. SO I'm glad I got over it and that I bought him that game. Yup Yup...
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Sunday, December 5th, 2004

Subject:A Busy Week
Time:8:46 pm.
Mood: moody.
I did a lot of jazz this week...

Wednesday was Evelyn's birthday...HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!...and she invited Camille, Veronica and myself to her house. She bought pizza's and fed us vegan friendly cake that she made. It was good...then we were going to watch Resident Evil but we couldn't because we couldn't find the control. So we played a board game called 'Careers' which was pretty fun but I lost. I lost half my stars and Evelyn laughed at me. It was funny because Manny showed up with Frank Mier...it was odd. After that we looked at some pictures and then we all went home. I think that was the day when I helped Camille with her DVD player.

Then on thursday I went to the drama club meeting. We got to read act two of the script and it was good. I want to get the part of 'Steve'. Then Yvonne went to go pick me up at school because I'm stupid and I wasn't ready. I feel so bad because I didn't know that the meeting would take so long. She got teary eyed and I felt so bad. She took me home and I changed in a minute and then we booked it to the Grand Marshall's Dinner at Casa Torres. It was so swanky, there was a red carped and all the important people of San Fernando were there. The Mayor was there oh and Yvonne and I spotted Marianne so we hung out with her and Paola's cousin who's name I forget. I had fun and the food was great, all I have to say is thanks so much Yvonne and I'm super duper stuper sorry.

Friday was my rest day...all day I was lazy and just rested...it was so good...

Yesterday I went to a posada for the city of San Fernando. Camille was going to be Mary and I was going to be Joseph. They had pretty good food there and the posada was alright. We had to dress in the costumes so I felt a bit dorky. Veronica showed up with her mom and dad. After the posada Camille, Veronica and myself went to a show in Sylmar. It was a good show, E.X.T.L. played and they were good as usual. I talked to a few people there like Matt, Rafa, Kasandra, Jesus, Abraham, Oscar M... etc, etc. It was super cold but I just had to skank when E.X.T.L. played. I think that I stepped in ship when I skanked because it was at some rancho type of place. DFM was good too. It was a good show. Then after the show we went to this party thing that Veronica's family was having. We got to meat some of her family and then Camille and Veronica made me dance with Veronica's mom. She was doing the funky chicken. But then we pulled Camille and Veronica in so I didn't feel so odd. It was a fun day...

Today I went to a basketball game at UCLA. It was UCLA against Purdue or something like that. My sister's drill team performed, she's the coach, and they were so cute...
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Monday, November 29th, 2004

Subject:At Night at the Roxy
Time:3:38 pm.
Mood: happy.
Deeam this weekend was fun as heck...

I went to my friend Evelyn's show on saturday and it was rockin'. Camille and I first went to Urban Outfitters, in Burbank, because she wanted to buy new shoes. She didn't find any there but she went to the store next door and found some shoes that she liked. It was funny because I was waiting outside and these girls cam to me and told me to take pictures with them. It was for a scavenger hunt, I said sure. Then Camille and I went to Evelyn's house. We got there at 7ish, the show started at six but ended up starting at 8. E.X.T.L. played and they were good but I didn't really skank because there were only girls skanking and I would be the only guy. Before E.X.T.L. played their last song this girl said, "I always see you skanking, why aren't you skanking today?" I told her my reason and she said that she wanted me to skank so when E.X.T.L. played their last song she took me so I skanked up the last song. D.F.M. plaid before E.X.T.L. and they were good. The last band to play was Liquor-n-Poker and they were good too. All my buddies were there...Camille, Veronica, Eddy, Anna, Evelyn, Cynthia and Yvonne got there later...and the guys of E.X.T.L., Oscar M, Jesus etc...etc. Oh and my cousin Paulina was there too...it was a cool show and I had fun. I got home at around 12:15...something like that.

Then yesterday I went to The Roxy, in Hollywood, after church. It was freakin fun too...Anna, Yvonee and Eddy picked me up at church so that we could head over there on time. We picked up Brenda then we headed towards Hollywood. We got there a bit early and it was cold a heck. We met up with Camille and Veronica there as well as Oscar M, Jesus, Abraham, Jr and Jasmine. We got in at around eight...E.X.T.L. was playing first so we waited until they finished setting up. When they started playing people began skanking so I just had to too. Jasmine asked me if I wanted to go in so I did and skanked it up. Brenda got in there too and I took Yvonne is for two songs. E.X.T.L. was good...the next two bands to play weren't really that great. Eddy, Veronica and myself were making fun of the singer in the third band. He was wearing some weird ass leather pantsThe fourth band though, who I think is called La Resistencia, was good. They were ska but they had a much harder edge...they were good. They even had a little special edge here and there. We left after that played. Anna, Yvonee, Eddy, Brenda and myself headed towards the van and headed home. First Brenda got home, then Yvonne, then myself then Anna and Eddy...duh. I got home some minutes after 12...and I had fuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn!
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Friday, November 26th, 2004

Subject:Alergic to Thanksgiving?
Time:3:48 pm.
Mood: moody.
Thanksgiving was quite a fun day...there was food and fun for all...

The weirdest thing happend to me yesterday, Thanksgiving. I ate a lot...I stuffed myself with food and was full with pleasure. Then a couple of hours later I got a itch so I scratched it. Then I got it again...and again...and again. Then I noticed that I had hives where I had been scratching myself. It was odd so I stopped scratching myself and I showed my mom. She told me that I probably got an allergic reaction to something that I ate so I had to do some home remedies. First I had to drink a lot of milk. About four glasses of milk. Then my mom cooked some lemons and rubbed it where I was itchy. That makes the itch go away. Then to get the swelling/hives she put oatmeal on it for about 10 minutes. They actually work. But it was just the oddest thankgiving I ever had. But it was fun in a sense...
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Thursday, November 18th, 2004

Subject:Proud to be a Catholic...
Time:11:39 pm.
Mood: rejuvenated.
I had a lot of fun at my confirmation thing on monday. Just in case you want to know I'm a group leader there so it's fun. I did my confermation last year and now I come back to help. I had a lot of fun and I would like to thank the great people there that make it fun there every week and really make me feel like I belong. People like Louie, Princessa, Nick, Jimmy, Joanna, Arieland everyone else...but I would especially like to thank OMAR, PAOLA and last but definitely not least LIONEL. Thanks guys for the great times.

I had such a great time though...the candidates saw a little bit of Godspell, how embarrasing. Then Jimmy talked for a while like usual but then we had the best part...Its called aderation (if that's how you spell it) which is basically when they bring out this thing...i forget what it's called...and they put this thing in it...I forget what it's called...and when theyre put together then it basically becomes JESUS CHRIST. It's such an awesome thing to do because you can go up to it and basically talk to JESUS about anything you want. It's such a powerful and great thing to do. You can really let go of somethings, it's so great. Its things like that that make me a greater and stronger catholic.

I don't care what anybody says about being catholic or into religion. People who think religion is dumb are such retards. If they want to live their life without GOD then they can. I'm glad that I have him by my side to walk along side me. At least I have something to believe in...and I'm not just being a dumbass trying to put people down on what they beleive in. Atheists are retards but if they want to live an awful life without GOD than go ahead, your missing out on a lot. You don't have to be all super holy and die hard to be catholic. As long as you go to church once a week and you really try to be a better person then that's all good. Everyone makes mistakes but as long as you realize what you have done an truly repent for it then that's all that GOD asks for.

All I have to say is that "I LOVE BEING A CATHOLIC!"

Yeeeeeah AMEN!
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Saturday, November 13th, 2004

Subject:Fun Friday
Time:9:53 pm.
Mood: groggy.
Aight so this is what I did yesterday...

O.k. hold on Im trying to remember...oh yeah I went to this taping of 8 Simple Rules. Yvonne, Camille and Yvonne's grandma (or maybe it was her mom) were in one car while Albert, Oscar V, and myself were in Albert's car. We got lost though so we didn't end up making it. So we all headed home. It was the big San Fernando vs. Sylmar game and I wanted to go but it was packed so Albert just took me home. A couple of minutes later Yvonne picked me up because Camille, Yvonne and myself were going to go to a show. On the way there Oscar M. called and told us to pick up Jesus. So we picked him up but the poor guy was having an awful day. We headed to Oscar M's house while he told us why. When we got there we met up with Oscar M. and Eddy. Eddy was wearing my S.T.A.R.S. pin that I had put on him a while back when we were all in a drunken rage. Eddy and Oscar hoped into Oscar's car and Jesus, Yvonne, Camille and I stayed in Yvonne's van. We headed over to Thrifty's because Yvonne and Jesus wanted to buy a quart of Ice Cream and we all wanted some. Meanwhile Oscar and Jesus were trying to figure out if they were going to play at a swing party. The problem was that Jesus didn't have a bass amp because it had gotten stolen. We bough pistachio (if thats how you spell it) and we started diggin in in Yvonne's van. The ride there was basically us eating ice cream and Oscar and Jesus saying that they were playing, then they weren't, then they were, over and over and over. (SIDE STORY) Before we met up with Oscar we had gone looking for a bass amp at Manny's house. Jesus went to the porch to ask and didnt find Manny. But on the way out he got attacked by a tiny dog and it was so hilarious. We got to the show and I wasted my two dollar bill to get in. I saw Bianca there and a couple more familiar faces. We were all eating ice cream I was the one who was eating most of it. After a while they decided that they were playing so now Oscar M. and Jesus left to the party and Eddy stayed with Yvonee, Camille and myself. After the first band played we wanted to go to the party but Camille didn't so she decided to stay with the greasers and Yvonne, Eddy and myself went to the party. First we went to Oscar M's house to meet up with Anna and Brenda. Then we went to the party, Anna and Eddy in her car and Brenda Yvonee and myself in Yvonne's van. We got there and the party was bumpin, it was a good party. We kicked back and I drank Eddy's beer...then Eddy began dancing with Fatima and Yvonne, Anna and I were just talking and stuff...we weer going to dance but I didnt really feel like it. I disposed of a ring that I didn't need and we went outside to see E.X.T.L. The guys were all here...J.R., Jesus, Abraham, Oscar M, "Sneaks" and Nick. They began to play and I began to skank. I hadnt skanked in a while so it was good to do it again. Plus I have another skank now so I got to style it. Yvonne skanked a little bit and Brenda skanked too. For some reason something always happens to Brenda because she got kicked in the head in there. It sucks but why always Brenda? The girl who was trowing the party was fucked up and was acting all weird. Oh...and the funniest thing happend. So Eddy was dancing with Fatima and they were all up on each other. While E.X.T.L. was playing Fatima was skanking. At one point she got out and so did I and we started talking a little bit. I met her before so it was just small talk but then here comes Yvonne and Anna. First Anna says wrong choice and then Yvonne calls me over and says, "Oscar I'm cold." and takes me away from Fatima. Anna and Yvonne thought I was trying to get with "Eddy's girl" and I thought it was so funny. I don't know why they thought that I was trying to get with her. Aftre E.X.T.L. played Anna, Yvonne, Brenda and myself went to Inn and Out to eat. We ate, I didn't because I had eaten all that ice cream, and then Yvonne took me home. It was a fun night...

Oh I also have to say HAPPY BIRHTDAY ANNA! Hope you guys are having fun...without me...
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Monday, November 1st, 2004

Time:8:37 pm.
Mood: rejuvenated.
Deeam I had fun yesterday, it was another one of those super cool days...So as you know it was Halloween yesterday. Kids were getting candy at nightwith those super neat costumes.

I didn't do anything until I went to church at 6 p.m. I left with my brother and we headed to church. The church was empty because everyone was somewhere else. So we sat through church and I saw Psyco and Parvis there...

After church my brother took me to Palmas Park because they were having this carnival thing and they needed my help. I was talking to Veronica on the phone because she was watching AFV, the one with grandma!, and I was missing it, but she recorded it so it's cool. (It's funny because there's this clip of this old grandma and she's carrying crandberry juice in a bowl. So she tells the kids, "move out of the way for grandma", and they do but as she walks she spills the juice and then slips on it...it's fucking hilarious, seriously.) So I walked it and I didn't see anybody that I knew but on my second turn I spotted out Oscar M, then Evelyn, Camille, ANA (happy Yvonne), Yvonne and Eddy. So my job was to work the dart game and Eddy was my happy helper. Basically what I had to do is give the darts to the kids and if they popped a ballon they got 3 tickets, if they didn't then they got candy. Eddy would blow up the ballons and I got the darts. It was funny because Eddy almost got hit about 3 times. The first time this kid shot it and it whizzed in front of Eddy's face. He just stood there with his mouth open, it was hilarious. That happend a few times and I would just laugh. I was telling the kids not to hit him but somehow they didn't lisiten. Brenda M. got there and when eddy wasnt looking she threw a dart at his ass and got him pretty good. At the end it was just Oscar M, Eddy and myself popping the darts. Of coarse I had the best aim...it was cool though.

After that we went to a party! Yeeeeah! It was a Halloween party in Sylmar. It was Camille and Oscar M. in his van and Ana, Eddy and myself in Anna's car. Brenda M. caught up to us and so did Ernie with some people in his car. That party was freakin crazy! In the beginning it was pretty bland but it got better. Cynthia and Julian were there too. Oh and I saw all these people that I knew like Mark, Ramiro, this one chick from confirmation...what was her name?...oh yeah Eileen, Jasmine, and Crystal or was her name Dolores...I dunno, oh and I saw my brothers friend tony there too. Everyone was drinking, as usual, except Ana and Brenda, as usual. It was fun though we were just having a good time. Oh and something happend to Eddy. So we're talking by the beer, just him and I, and this girl comes up to him and asks him if he can fix her wings. So I leave him with her because I didn't want to cockblock. About a minute kate he come to me and smiles at me. So I ask him what happend and he says that supposively the girl see's him at school and know where he goes. That she see's him playing hacky sack and that she thinks he looks hot. Then before she left she said, "your fucking fine" and gae him a kiss, a peck, on the lips. Oscar M. and I were telling him to talk to her but he didn't want to. when he got the courage to do so she wasn't there anymore. Camille and I weer dancing here and there and I was getting down. It was super fun. Eddy and I were trying to teach Jasmine how to dance so we got her in the manwich. It was freakin fun and at the end Eddy and I had to smoke a cigarette, to get warm, before Camille stomped it out. We were all a little bit passed buzzed. I got home at about 12:30 a.m...the party was fucking fun though...yeeeeah!
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Sunday, October 31st, 2004

Subject:A Long Day
Time:3:16 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
Ok...it's time for me to write again...so here goes...

Friday was a fun day...it was pretty cool. Friday was the Senior Breakfast so I had to wake up early. It started at 5 a.m. so I needed to get up at about 4:30. So I went to sleep and then suddenly my sister wakes me up and it's 5 a.m. and Oscar V. and Julio are waiting for me at the front of my house. My cell phone wasn't working at all for some reason so I didnt get the wake up call. So I put on some clothes and run to OScars car, where I changed. We went to 7 Eleven because we needed to buy batteries for a lightsaber. See my friends and I did a whole STAR WARS theme thing. Oscar was Darth Vader, Julio was Darth Maul, Camille was Queen Amidala, Yvonne was Princess Leia, Evelyn was a jedi and I was a Storm Trooper. So we get there at about 5:30 so we munch on the food. The food sucked because the eggs weren't goo, or the potatoes. The only good things were the bacon and the muffins. Then after we ate we took some pictures. After that I convinced Veronica to dance with me, thanks baby doll (your freakin awesome), and then Yvonee, April, Tony and Brenda M. went up with us. We were having fun dancing...oh and Camille joined us too. We took the light up lightsabers with us and I was using them as A strippers pole. Tony was dressed as this guy thing with a cape or something, I dunno, and Brenda was dressed as whats her face from Sleeping Beauty, the evil witch or whatever. It was super fun, and the windows were getting foggy. Oh and Danny was dressed in some rags or something and I said that he was the Mexican that didn't make it over the border. I had fun...it was over at 7 a.m. so we went home.

Julio and I went to Oscar V.'s house. First we watched t.v. for about 5 hours, just looking at stupid shit that they were giving in the morning. We basically were just hanging around, we went on the internet, we weren't really doing much. Oh but we did play Monopoly and it was fun like fuck. I was the cowboy, Oscar was the car and Julio was this weird wheel thing. It went pretty good but I kicked their ass. The first one to lose was Julio then Oscar. (I cheated). When I got BOardwalk and Park PLace I knew I was going to win. I was going easy on them though. I WON! Then we all took a nap. Julio fell asleep on Oscar's couch and I fell asleep on Oscar's bed. Oscar was on the internet. At about 5:15 I went home because I needed to get ready for this party thingy...

Yvonee picked me up at 6 p.m. so we could go to the party. First we dropped off her brother and sister, cool kids, and her aunts house (I think). Then we headed to the party were Brenda M., Evelyn, Veronica and Camille were waiting for us. We went in and yeah...the party was sort of lame but I had fun because my friends were there. Anna, Oscar M. and Eddy came afterwards. So we were all there haning a pretty good time. We played the band game and I lost at A, dam I fucking suck. We were just munching on food and hanging around. They had this costume contest that ok. Oh and they had a raffle and I won a box of chocolates, which I have no clue where they went because I don't have them. Oh well they were free but "I Love chocolate, but I can't eat them because I'll get fat, but their sooooo good." At the end of the night we were dancing and having fun. I was teaching Yvonne, Anna and Brenda M. on how to shake that ass and get freaky. Their good learners. Then when Eddy started dancing with us we were all acting dumb while we danced. Oh and we started a conga line and I was in the front but I didn't know where to go. It was fun. We left at about midnight and we just went home. It was a long day but I had fun...

On thursday though it was weird because we went to Calculus class and we were leaving but a bus of teachers rolls up and its all the C track teachers. We had Ms. McMannes, Mr Graeve, Mr Reynaga, Ms. M, Mr. Morgan, Rosenbloom and Ms. Fernandez. We were all talking but then we invited them to come and eat with us. It was Camille, Oscar V., Alex Barcena, Chris, Lily and myself plus Mr. MOrgan, Rosenbloom, Ms. M, and Ms. Fernandez. Oscar M. showed up too and so did Monica Alvarez, Robert, Issac, and I think Joanna. I was cool though because we were just eating and talking, pretty weird. I had fun though. After that we went to the school for lunch because we wanted to visit Eddy there. So Oscar M, Oscar V, Camille, Liliy and myself went. It was raining and we were all looking for Eddy but we never found him. So we just left... Camille left with Oscar M. and Oscar V, Lily and myself went home...
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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004

Time:12:50 am.
Mood: sleepy.
Today was homecoming and I had fun...

So...today was my last day of school...it was pretty good. I got to see all my buddies like Alex and Chris...oh and Omar, plus my regular friends. But the weirdest thing happend. Omar and I were playfully fighting and then all of a sudden he got relly mad. I don't know what got into him but I think he's really angry at me, that sucks.

Then I just waited at school until 4:30 so I can get ready for the homecoming parade. The parade was fun. I was a Mexican Desperado, Cynthia, Gloria and Camille were harlets...hoochie's or whatever. Carlos was a cowboy and Tony was a classy pimp daddy. It was fun, we got to ride in a truck and throw candy at...I mean to people. It was stupid though because the folklorico float won and they sucked ass. But whatever...

After that I went home, after waiting for my mom for about a day, and changed to go to homecoming. I used a neat little trick to convince my mom of letting go. Yvonne picked me up and we went to Anna's house to wait for Anna and Eddy. We were there for a while and Eddy had my cut a little bit of his hair. He got out of the shower and asked me to help him in the bathroom. All I did was make sure the line on the back of his hair was even. Then we went to the homecoming dance in the gym. It was fun, we were all getting down and we took pictures. Then after that I was getting down and dirty with Veronica. Thaz righ! I saw Nitzia there, Lionel, Parvis, Monica, Paola, Evelyn, and all the toher cool kids. It was super cool and I had shit loads of fun.

Everyone was going to a little after party later but I decided to go home.
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Friday, October 22nd, 2004

Subject:Voodoo Voodoo Voodoo
Time:8:26 am.
Mood: tired.
Yesterday was a fun night...I went to a Voodoo Glow Skulls show.

I was watching Tomb Raider : The Cradle of Life yesterday when I get a phone call from Camille at about 6:30. So I put on some gloves and go out because Anna and Camille were waiting for me outside. First we went to the House of Brews because Anna thought she left her purse there. But then she found out that it was at her house so we headed over there. "Bob" called me and told me that they were only letting 300 people in so we jetted over there. We met up with Janet and her man and we headed over there. We got there, then found Oscar M. and headed towards the line. Fortunately Oscar had a friend in the front so we went to the front. We waited there for about 45min/1hr. Then when they were finaly letting people in we all pushed ourselves in. It was a little chaotic but fun nonetheless. We got in the room and I saw George, Renee, Jr., Abraham, Jannette and her brother. We also met up with Eddy and Ernie. Voodoo was freakin awesome. They played about 10 or 12 songs, I think, and they were all badass. We were all diggin it, it was great. I went in to skank about 7 times and it was freakin awesome. Then they played two extra songs at the end. It was freakin awesome but it was even better because Camille went in to skank with me. Camille's the coolest chick ever. Oh and it was funny because she lost her shoe in the pit, but we found it afterwards. Anna went in to skank too...we were all in there Eddy, Anna, Oscar M., Camille and myself...super cool. Oh and when we weren't skanking we were all the way in the front, freakin close up to Voodoo. Oscar M. went up and sang "El Mas Chingon" with them and occasionally he would let us sing a teeny tiny little part of the song...it was so cool. Then after it was over we went to Jasmine's house. First we went to go get Jasmine's car at somebody's house. It took us forever because Ernie to like a day to bring Jasmine's keys to her. So Jasmine, Eddy, Anna and myself went to her house. We got there and a little bit later Ernie, Oscar M., Orlando and two other guys got there. We just hanged out for a while, watched Family Guy, Sealab 2021...I was pretty cool. I got home at 2a.m. and my mom was pretty mad. Now I know how you felt Camille. She was telling me some stuff and that "I can't go out again" but I'm still going to homecoming today. I don't care...so I just went to sleep with all my clothes on, I knocked out...

well right now I'm in Villegas's class, just writing. Todays the last day of school so I want to have some fun but I'm tired because of last night...
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Monday, October 18th, 2004

Subject:Finals Already
Time:9:41 am.
Mood: stressed.
Deeeam...I just finished taking my first final. Fuck I need to study. It was ok and I knew about 75% of it but still...I'm just stressing out. I need to apply for college, take some tests, and study for the rest of my finals. Fuck my English final is going to be hard like fuck...and the AP calc final too. I need to study my ass off. I've just been gettin stressed...it really sucks. Then I think about college and whats going to happen to me, and all my friends and it just bothers me...
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Sunday, October 17th, 2004

Subject:Another Fun Saturday
Time:5:18 pm.
Mood: calm.
Well I had fun this weekend too...

Friday was cool because I went to the football game. I can't belive we won, freakin awesome, even though we did play against Kennedy but their our rivals so...yeeaaah! The game was cool, I was working for a bit but there was this big confusion so I stoppped. I spent the rest of the game with Tony, Veronica, Camille, and Oscar V. Oh and Booger was bugging the shit out if all of us. I don't like that kid, he's so annoying. Him and Louis were talking about me...stupid idiots. Their fucking morons but whatever I'm not going to waste my time talking about those idiots (oh and tell them if you want crater face, now that your reading this...bitch!) But the game was fun..I had fun... it was cool. Oh and JAcky was trying to be all sexy, fatass bitch. She looked like a freakin booger with that sweater, dam I dont like her either. Oh and before the game we were all at a field trip for the whole school day. We went to the MAlibu Lagoon, and afterward we got to go to the beach. It was cool but crater face Alex had to be around us. At least I popped him in the chest with the sack...bitch! I had fun...just lying there, but i did get a tad bit burned from my shoulders but its cool. I spent some good quality time with my buddies but some were still missing, Yvonee, Cynthia and Omar.

Saturday was fun too...Evelyn came to pick me up at about 7, i think, and we went to a show in Sylmar. We saw Oscar M. and Jesus there and then we went in. I didnt though because I got a call from someone, but then they came back out because the show was sucking, so I still hadn't payed. Then Oscar said that there was a better show in Mission Hills. Camille and I really wanted to go but Veronica and Evelyn didn't really want to. So Oscar Jesus were going to leave so I told them to wait until they maid up their minds but then Oscar says, "We need to take you away from all the chicks so he grabs me and I just willingly went with him, and took of with him and Jesus. I did feel bad but I knew that eventually they would go. But the Camille calls me and says that Evelyn took off and left them there so I told Oscar to go and get them so we went to get Veronica and Camille. The show was cool and I got in for free because I was their roadee(If thats how you spell it). eddy got there too and so did Anna and Brenda. I skanked to E.X.T.L. as usual and went in a couple of times for The Deltoids. It was cool because when E.X.T.L. was playing Brenda, Eddy and myself went in to skank and it was raining. At one point Eddy, Brenda and I were skanking as a trio. Oh and I "dropped it like it's hot" for Camille. After it was all over I was all wet. Then while The Deltoids were playing, Abraham and I went in like buddies, it was cool too because we were shoving people off. I had a couple of beers but I didn't get drunk. I met a couple of new people, some guy and three chicks, Rose, Fatima and Melissa...oh and I got Melissa's number...yeeaaah. She's pretty hot. Then after the show was over we loaded up the stuff, because the cops had gotten there. Oh and at one point Eddy and myself were in Anna's car. Eddy was in the driving seat and was in the passanger seat. It was just him and I, anna was outside doing something, and Eddy just decides to take off. So he drove off for like 2 blocks and we came back. It was funny though because when anna saw she said, "Heeyy!", and we couldn't stop laughing. So Then we all took off and we went to Inn-n-Out to eat. Then after that Anna took me home. I got home at about 1:30 a.m. and I was all wet and soggy. So I just changed and went to sleep...
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